If you would like to make a question that you would like the other students in years 6 to answer please use this page. You must click up on discussion, then add a new subject heading that includes the main idea of the question. Then in the question box you may ask your question.

Remember all messages can be tracked on Wikispaces by teachers if somebody has a concern. So if you think you might get into trouble if you write something, then you are probably right, don’t write it.
You must understand that I may not be able to access the internet at school if I do not act responsibly.

When you use the internet you have rules to follow. You must:

- Never give out personal details, including full names, telephone numbers, addresses and image
- Be respectful in how you talk and work with others online and never write or participate in online bullying
- Compose e-mail messages using only language I understand is acceptable in my school.
- Not respond to any messages that are unpleasant or that make me feel uncomfortable in any way. It is not your fault if I get a message like that.

Talk to your teacher or another adult if:

o I need help online
o Someone writes something you don’t like, or makes my friends and I feel uncomfortable or asks me to provide information that I know is private